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The Canadian dental practice appraisal and brokerage industry is unregulated. Approaches to dental practice valuation are inconsistent, lack transparency and, until now, have had poor evidence to support the methodology. This has produced a dogmatic approach to dental practice valuation and sales that often leaves buyers and lenders frustrated and sellers in the dark on the why, how, and what of practice value. It’s time to make your legacy count.

Find Out Precisely What Your 
Dental Practice Is Worth


There currently is little literature that has been published on valuation methodologies for dentists as it relates to practice appraisal.


In the absence of regulatory influence in the Canadian marketplace, the data of practice sales is not shared amongst brokerages resulting in a lack of transparency.


The current common methodologies yield results that are biased, prone to subjectivity, lack transparency, and are not used by lenders to determine affordability at a given purchase price.

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value of your practice

This scientific formula, consists of 3 main components, to get you the most accurate assessment of a practice by determining:

Normalized cash flow
Multiple of EBITDA
Multiple of gross revenue considerations

This makes determining the valuation of your practice simple, understandable and reliable because it is a scientifically based practice valuation formula that has been developed through 
years of research by our team.
Dr. Sean Robertson is a founding partner and lead appraiser of The Dental Broker Team. He is also a practicing dentist.

Through his own personal experience with dental practice appraisal he became aware of the existing issues in the marketplace. He knew his profession deserved better and became driven to find a repeatable, unbiased scientific methodology. 

After experiencing the lack of transparency for dentists and industry regulation first hand and learning that none of the existing brokerages were dentist owned-and-operated, Sean started The Dental Broker Team, a full service dental practice brokerage and appraisal firm.

Dr. Robertson is the author of the book, From DEBTistry to Dentistry: A Buyer’s Guide to Successful Practice Transitions.

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